Hello world!

Hello everyone! It is rather strange that I begin this blog as a necessity. A requirement for my “Online PR and Social Media” course at Centennial College. Now is perhaps a good place to start than never. But looking back, I always wanted to put down my thoughts in writing. Learning to enjoy a good piece of writing was one of the treasures I had acquired in my childhood. I had maintained diaries in my teenage years going through the chore of sitting down and recording my routine and not so routine activities and expressing the conflicting emotions of my teenage years. Then suddenly I stopped writing. I think I was around 17-18 then.  I saw no point in continuing that activity. Nobody else read it. Neither did I want anybody else to read my diaries because, frankly, I was embarrassed by its content. I didn’t want the whole world to read my emotions and know what I was feeling! So no more of diaries it was.

Later on in life, I began to write in my professional capacity working for the Government of Sri Lanka. They were more on subject matter in the ‘matter-of-fact’ government style. Now is the time to deviate. To express my opinions on what I am passionate about. To write on the many things I love to write about – mainly the trivialities of life and the search for the profound. Some call it philosophy, some call it spirituality or meditation. Either way, the same fundamental questions are raised. Also, current affairs, a subject as vast as the ocean and into which I have submerged myself since childhood for no rhyme or reason. Perhaps, that is what you call fate.

Now, I get the chance to express myself thanks to the social media revolution engulfing us, empowering us to say what we want. So, here begins “Sugeeshblog” the writings of a wanderer with an aim. So happy reading to whoever reads this content. I express because I need to express. If you like it, it’s a bonus! But your comments I shall value.

Sugeeshwara Gunaratna


6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Really nice. So some how circumstances led you to start this, now is the hard part – keeping it up..but Iam sure you will do it in style, best of luck…

  2. Fantastic. I know your quality of work. Sky is the limit, go ahead, good luck. My blessings are always with you.

    Palitha G

  3. Hi Sugeesh
    (another) wonderful work. Go ahead..you are a true professional Government servant to SL and wonderful friend to me and my family…

    Chandana Weerasena

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